REALTOR® of the Year

The NVBR REALTOR® of the Year is selected annually from a pool of nominees. It is the Association’s highest honor and recognizes members for their civic, business and industry-related activities and achievements in the 12 months prior to award’s presentation.

The award criteria upon which nominees are judged include service to the local community, business accomplishments, and service to the REALTOR® organization on the local, state and national levels. The NVBR REALTOR® of the Year is chosen by a selection committee. The winner is honored at the REALTORS® of Distinction Awards Gala, held each May.

REALTOR® of the Year Recipients

ROTY Recipients
2011 NVBR REALTOR® of the Year recipient, Kathie Desautels, and 2012 NVBR REALTOR® of the Year recipient, Nancy Jenkins.

1964    Harold B. Benson
1965    Guy W. Nichols
1966    Brandreth Symonds
1967    Peter L. Jacob
1968    Charles Barber
1969    Floyd J. Moorby
1970    John Ready
1971    Claude  W.  Perry, Sr.
1972    Peter L. Jacob
1973    Robert C. Morse
1974    Nancy E. Lang
1975    Roger E. Curtis
1976    Gordon A. Riddell
1977    Thomas G. Weaver
1978    Richard A. Myette
1979    Frederic M. Cameron
1980    James F. McMullen, Jr.
1981    David  Desautels
1982    Roselyn St. Louis
1983    John A. Russell
1984    Chauncey E. Burns
1985    Evelyn J. Biddle
1986    Janet C. Dunn
1987    Calvin J. Ploof, Jr.
1988    William D. Dalton
1989    Jayne S. Abbott
1990    Elizabeth M. Merrill
1991    Mac  Teeson
1992    Dale E. Sweet
1993    Carol Hinkel
1994    Sarah Winslow-Patch
1995    James P. Murray
1996    Sonja K. Stevens
1997    Celine Teeson
1998    Dennis Bruce
1999    Marge Gaskins
2000    Carol Audette
2001    Sonja K. Stevens
2002    James Cross
2003    David Gray
2004    Brad Chenette
2005    Andy Cochran
2006    Andrea Champagne
2007    Leslee MacKenzie
2008    Bill Desautels
2009   David Raphael
2010    Annemarie Daniels
2011     Kathie Desautels
2012     Nancy Jenkins
2013     Kristine Stell
2014     Chad Jacobson
2015     Barb Trousdale
2016     Jill Vespa
2017 Robbi Handy Holmes
2018 Mark Montross
2019 Alison Barges