Apps to Simplify Your Client’s Move

Recommend a mobile solution for some of the tasks involved in a major relocation. Homeowners relocating to their new house need all the help they can get on moving day. You may know of reputable companies and websites you can recommend to clients to better organize their move. Heck, some real estate professionals even offer their own relocation services. But you should also be familiar with a handful of moving apps and cloud services that can make many laborious relocation tasks easier to manage. Few practitioners seem to be aware of these tools, let alone use them in their interactions with clients. Those who do say it’s an opportunity to demonstrate service above and beyond the usual.

Most moving apps and cloud services are available to consumers for free or at low cost. Some address a specific aspect of the move, whether it’s creating an inventory of possessions, calculating moving costs, or soliciting and comparing bids from moving companies. A few others offer these as a suite of integrated tools.

Buyers and sellers are all moving somewhere new, and as their real estate adviser, you can alert them to what’s available to help them through a relocation. Take the lead as a full-service agent and recommend or provide tools such as those listed in the box to the right.

Tools for an Easier Move

Check out these apps to learn how they can make moving a smoother, more organized experience for your buyers and sellers.

Provides a suite of tools for planning and organizing a move, calculating moving costs, and securing bids from reputable moving companies. You can compare bids and order services.

From Atlas Van Lines, its suite of features includes a planner, packing tips, moving day checklist, bid requests from moving companies, and integration with the Atlas tracking system for updates on shipping status.

Move Planner®’s moving website offers web-based tools and advice for moving day. Includes calculators for estimating moving costs and packing needs, a moving planner, and articles to help clients make an efficient, stress-free move.

A service for organizing possessions. Take inventory and capture images of belongings in each room, then organize the photos in folders to make unpacking simpler.

Free cloud service for simplifying the process of finding a moving company. Users enter the belongings they’re moving and the address the items are being moved to, and then they can receive guaranteed bids from local and national moving companies.