OPR Makes Changes to Initial Salesperson Licenses

Vermont’s Office of Professional Regulations (OPR) has made changes to how the state handles initial salesperson licenses. A 2017 OPR bill went into effect on July 1, making initial salesperson licenses valid for only 90 days. New licensees are required to complete 8 hours of post-licensure education within 90 days of receiving their temporary license. Salespersons must provide documentation to the VT Real Estate Commission within 90 days to renew their license until the end of the biennial licensing period.

If a salesperson with an expired license performs activities that require a license, that action can be considered unprofessional conduct.

A full copy of the bill can be found here. The pertinent change to 26 VSA §2292 begins on page 20 is:

  • (2)(A) An initial salesperson license shall expire 90 days from issuance.
  • (B) The license of a salesperson who has provided documentation to the Commission showing successful completion of eight hours of instruction addressing topics specified by the Commission relating to the salesperson’s post licensure practice of the profession shall be renewed without application or fee and remain valid until the end of the biennial licensing period.