Realtor® Open Houses: Dec. 20

MLS #: 4719760
Street Address: 110 Tanglewood Drive, Colchester
Special Features: Sun room, brand new roof & refrigerator, hardwood floors, fully fenced, very private lot
Incentive: Gift Card Drawings
Agent Name: Michaela Quinlan
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MLS #: 4723198
Time: 12-2pm
Street Address: 21 Seymour Rd., Colchester
Special Features: Join us for Martone’s sandwiches and enter to win a $100 visa gift card for whoever is closest to guess the selling price!
Incentive: Sandwiches and Enter to win a gift card!
Agent Name: Blair Knowles
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MLS #: 4727393
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 503 Bonanza Park, Colchester
Special Features: Completely updated home near parks and the amenities of Colchester and Burlington.
Incentive: Sweet Treats
Agent Name: Krista Hoffsis
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