Realtor® Open Houses: June 14

MLS #: 4637192
Time: 10am-12pm
Street Address: 222 Deer Point Road, Charlotte
Special Features: Waterfront contemporary with separate guest house, an art studio 1,000 feet of easily accessible shoreline and 2 moorings.
Agent Name: Wade Weathers
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MLS #: 4663894
Time: 10am-12pm
Street Address: 96 Deer Point Road, Charlotte
Special Features: 12-acre equestrian property w/ well-maintained 4-bedroom Saltbox Colonial w/ 2-bedroom apt over barn, Open floor plan
Agent Name: Wade Weathers
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MLS #: 4697701
Time: 10am-12pm
Street Address: 44 Frank’s Way, Shelburne
Special Features: Completely renovated. Nice home. Mountain views.
Agent Name: Averill Cook
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MLS #: 4698312
Time: 10am-12pm
Street Address: 107 Woodbine Road, Shelburne
Special Features: Updates! Updates! Updates!
Incentive: $100 Gift Card to Leunig’s
Agent Name: Irina Norrell
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MLS #: 4686620
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 707 Terrace Drive, Williston
Incentive: something good to eat
Agent Name: Jana Granzella
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MLS #: 4697338
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 4364 St. George Road, Williston
Incentive: Lunch & Drawing for $50 Gift Card
Agent Name: Debby Hanley
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MLS #: 4698814
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 60 Heather Lane, Williston
Special Features: See the elegance of this Executive Home w/ Brazilian Hardwood, Chef’s Kitchen, Grand MB Suite, heated 3 car garage & more
Incentive: Lunch provided
Agent Name: Terry Light
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MLS #: 4694924
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 39 Town Line Rd., Grand Isle
Special Features: Freshly painted, new carpeting, new doors, 3 season sun deck, garden beds, lake view, beach access with mooring rights.
Agent Name: Mike Burak
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MLS #: 4693601
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 16 Sunrise Lane, Grand Isle
Special Features: Come see this exceptional waterfront property! You won’t be disappointed.
Incentive: Come for sandwiches & Take a look around
Agent Name: Carol Audette
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MLS #: 4680183
Time: 11am-1pm
Street Address: 4 Island Acres, Grand Isle
Special Features: Come view this wonderful home with its sunrises, wildlife & wonderful neighbors.
Incentive: Vespas Pizza
Agent Name: Jill Vespa TCAT
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