Show Clients You’re the Best in the Business. Here’s How.

Competition for business is fierce. So what if you could demonstrate to clients how you stand apart as a professional? You can, through the new Commitment to Excellence (C2EX).

This innovative tool, created by real estate professionals, is not a designation or a course. It’s a self-directed platform that you can use to learn, grow, and promote your expertise. C2EX is not a membership requirement but a benefit available to all NAR members at no additional cost.

Get started today by logging in to and taking the self-assessment to measure your proficiency in 10 aspects of professionalism (11 for brokers), ranging from customer service to use of technology. The platform will generate a customized learning path for you and recommend experiences and resources to enhance your skillset.

As you make your way through each of the C2EX Competencies, you will earn digital Excellence Badges. Once you earn all the Excellence Badges, you will receive the National Association of REALTORS®’ official Commitment to Excellence endorsement.

Take advantage of this fantastic, new member benefit, and show clients that you stand out in your knowledge, service, and standards of practice.

What better way to show the difference a REALTOR® makes?GET STARTED